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OTP-GSM96 Socket GSM Land Line Phone monitoring

GSM Listening device


  • GSM tri band GSM network to make & instant surveillance task possible. No range limitation
  • GSM 900 /1800 /1900MHz Siemens Module
  • For home phone line security, monitoring all outgoing and incoming phone conversation.
  • Auto switch between phone line and area voice monitoring. Phone line is first detected.
  • Auto calling when detect phone line in used, can turn on or off.
  • Built in high sensitive dual microphone.
  • Auto calling when detect voice level in GSM96  area, can turn on or off.
  • Auto calling when detect external device input, like infra red sensor alarm, can turn on or off.
  • Auto calling when detect shock for GSM96 , can turn on or off.
  • Dual mode function, can operate independent without phone line plug in, auto detect function, Auto switch to phone line monitoring function.
  • External microphone input can be used as voice unlimited repeater, transmit using GSM network.
  • SMS control function.
  • Camouflage-type socket
  • Direct power supply, no battery design


User's Manual Download: