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OTP-GSM86 GSM voice and schock active monitoring

GSM Listening device


1.GSM tri band GSM network to make & instant surveillance task possible. No range limitation

2.Built in high sensitive dual microphone.

3.Auto calling when detect voice level in OTP-GSM86area, can turn on or off.

4.Auto calling when detect external device input, like infra red sensor alarm, can turn on or off.

5.Auto calling when detect shock for OTP-GSM86, can turn on or off.

6.Voice sensitive active control can de set hi or low.

7.External microphone input can be used as voice unlimited repeater, transmit using GSM network.

8.SMS control function.

9.One touch button operate system

10.Removeable high capacity LI-ION rechargeable battery.

Acccessories included:

1.     GSM monitor device x1

2.      External microphone x2 (optional)

3.      IR body temperature sensor x1 (optional)

4.      1200mA rechargeable LI-ION battery x1

5.      5V 1A power supply.

User's Manual Download: