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OTP-SecureGSM In-Confidence

Secure Phone & Security phone software  » Security of GSM communication software


Unprecedented security, with intuitive user interface
SecureGSM’s famous triple cipher encryption module (true military grade security)
Crystal clear, echo-free voice calls
Speakerphone compatible
Point-to-point encrypted voice calls
Multi-party encrypted conferencing
Encrypted, verified messaging with full Unicode support
Integrated contacts manager with search functionality
Closed Group capabilities
Robust party verification procedures
Advanced program protection, designed to withstand penetration of code intruders and malicious reverse engineering


Triple cipher, cascade mode encryption engine including AES, Twofish and Serpent ciphers (3 x 256 bit)

Triple ECDH - Elliptic Curves Diffie-Hellman (3 x 571 bit)*

Note: All encryption and key exchange performed using FIPS140-2 certified libraries.

Telephony Service Features

Reliable Internet Telephony Service bundled together with In-Confidence applications
Strictly pass through service - no encryption/decryption at the switch
*571-bit ECDH is currently equivalent in security to 15,360-bit RSA/DH/DSA (based on table 1, RFC 5349 standard; Therefore, SecureGSM's triple ECDH is approximately equivalent to 3 x 15,360-bit = 46,080-bit RSA/DH/DSA.