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OTP-BTS08E Bluetooth Transmitter Spy Earphone

GSM Listening device

How to use:

Put the Spy Earphone in your ear, hide the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver in your clothes, then you can communicate with your partner in confidence through Bluetooth mobile phone.







Bluetooth transmitter/receiver:


Dimension: 37x30x12mm (not including Neck Loop)
Weight: 20g (battery included)
Battery: 330mah
Battery life: 3 -6 hours
Charging: Micro USB /DC5V
Receiving distance: 10m
Power amplifier: Built in 5W POWER amplifier



Spy Earphone


Size: 3x6x8 mm
Weight: 0.8g (battery included)
Standard Zinc-air battery: type SONY 337
Battery life: about 5 hours
Receiving distance: 50– 70 cm




The advantage of using state of the art technology is fundamental in situations where covert communication are required.
This extra small Spy Earphone and sensitive microphone permits you to receive real time information or communications without being noticed.
Students, Law enforcement officers, Private investigators, Businessmen, Gamblers, Politicians, all can find a use for this incredible new device.



User's manual Download: