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Audio recorders

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  • OTP-4G-VORB 4G multi Voice recorder

    Audio recorders

     External MEMS microphone, sensitivity up to 60dB
    The memory card capacity up to 128GB, can be archived for several months, support remote access download function.
    The module supports 2G (GPRS), 3G (WCDMA), 4G (TDD, FDD-LTE), and WIFI communication network protocols.
    P2P network-oriented protocol, fast networking function can be connected without complicated settings.
    Dedicated APP support mobile phone (Android, Apple), computer connection monitoring.
    Full-time monitoring, scheduling monitoring does not miss any sound, at any time to listen and playback at any time.
    Do not have to pay high telephone communication costs, simply use network communication, reduce the cost of call costs.
    The SMS command controls whether the Internet signal is turned on or off to reduce the possibility of detection.

  • OTP-RS280 Mini WIFI live listening and audio recorder

    Audio recorders


    WIFI network remote sd card recording and real-time monitoring without noise

    Mobile phone/computer for remote real-time monitoring

    WIFI network remote monitoring and audio file checking

    Mobile computer remote real-time monitoring Support card recording

    Remote viewing recording file


  • OTP-AR-200 Mini Audio Recorder & Landline Telephone Recorder

    Audio recorders

    • Incoming calls automatic,voice activated and manual recording
    • Convenient playback functionality
    • Built-in AGC MIC - Sensitivity selectable
    • Works as a landline telephone recorder
    • Vibration alert and LED signal
    • Built-in 4GB flash memory
    • MP3 file format
    • Instant audio file playback and deletion
    • Works as a MP3 player
    • Micro USB connection


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