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Symbian OS9 Supported Phone:




N8 /E7-00 /C7-00 /C6-01/C6-00 /C5-03 /C5-01/C5-00 /6790 Surge/6790 Slide/ 6788 /6760 Slide /6730 Clasic /6720 Clasic /6710 Nav
/6700 Slide /6650/ 6290 /6220 Classic /6210 Navigator /6124 Classic /6121 /6120 /6110 Navigator /5900 /5802 /5800 XpressMusic
/5730 XpressMusic /5700 /5630 XpressMusic /5530 XpressMusic /5500 /5320 XpressMusic /5250 /5235 /5233 /5230 Nuron
/5230 /5228 /3250 / E5-00 /E50 /E51 /E52 /E55 E60 /E61/E61i /E63 /E62 /E65 /E66 /E70 /E71 /E71x /E72 /E75 /E73 Mode /E77
/E90 /N71 /N73 /N73 Music /N75/N76/N77 /N78 /N79 /N80 /N81/N81 8G /N82 /N85/N86 /N91 /N92 /N93i /N95 /N95 8G /N96 /N97
/N97 MINI/X5-00 /X5-01 /X6





SGH-i400 /SGH-i450 /SGH-i520 /SGH-i550 /SGH-i560V /SGH-G810 /SGH-L870 /INNOV8 /
I7110 /I8910 HD      




LG-KT615 /LG-KT610 /LG-KS10 /LG-KT610 /LG-KT770

Sony Ericsson

Satio(U1i) / Vivaz Pro


c5 ,6700 ,6730 ,e52 ,e72 ,5730, 6710, 6720, 5630, n86, e55, E5, X5 , c6-01 , c6-00 , N8 , C7 , e6-01 will beep
when active call recording feature, disable call recording for above model



Supported software Version : 


 OTS-P6 Ultimate Recording Plus Version

OTS-UP22 Ultimate Recording Basic Version

OTS-FS68 SpyPhone Final Edition Server Version  


OTS-BMR66 Backupme Recording Email Version  ( S60 and Symbian Belle phone suported)

OTS-BRSV26 BackupMe recording Server 


OTS-LSV Lite Server version 



Single Feature Version:


 OTS-GPS48   GSM+GPS Location 

OTS-PD88 Phone Dead 

OTS-CAL866 Spy call and interceptor

OTS-SMS42 SMS Interceptor