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  • OTP-AST03 Spy Camera Detector Night Vision Light Detection IR Scanning



     PRO Hidden Spy Camera Detector





    One touch IR scanning

    Night vision light detection

    2.2Inch LCD screen display

    Ultra-bright Powerful IR LED lights

  • OTP-DA01-RF spy bug hidden camera detector bug detector


    Wired/Wireless hidden camera & bug detection
    Invisible night vision LEDs detection
    Hidden camera lens detection
    Wireless signals detection include Wireless camera & Listening device
    Portable and fashion design(13.7*5.6*1.7cm)
    Comfortable and large viewfinder (Diameter: 3.6cm)

  • OTP-SCMH1 Wireless CamCatch



    ‣ 2.5 inch LCD to display sweep images.

    ‣ 45.2 * 27mm LCM frequency display and function setting.

    ‣ Frequency sweep Range 0.9~3GHz / 5~6GHz.

    ‣ Manual / Auto / Fixed sweep operation mode simple operation.

    ‣ Buzzer and vibration alert.

    ‣ Integrated 20MHz ~ 6GHz RF Detector function.

    ‣ Can be set 8 fixed of frequencies scan.

    ‣ 6 Sections threshold adjustment.

    ‣ 3000mA standard accessories replaceable lithium battery.

    ‣ Can display the sweep image is NTSC or PAL.

    ‣ Two kinds of frequency spectrum display mode selection.

  • OTP-TS01 LaserScan Hidden Camera Locator / Detector


    This pro LaserScan Hidden Camera Locator / Detector uses military radar principle,; utilizes the latest advance in optics light source and electronics. It can detect any CCD or CMS camera regardless their transmission and recording types. It can even detect camera at turn off state, as long as the camera’s 4X adjustable optical glass Lens is exposed. An integrated telescope helps ease the detection. Depends on background lighting, it typically can detect hidden camera up to 50 ft away. This Pro LaserScan Hidden Camera Locator / Detector is truly a professional security product. A“ must have” tool for your privacy protection.

  • OTP-WH250X RF AV Full Range Wireless Scanner


    Counter-Surveillance device, ideal to trace and position hidden and concealed wireless cameras
    Operates as wireless receiver to accept in various frequency band.
    Testing equipment for RF engineer or technician.

  • OTP-WH300X RF AV Wireless Scanner and DVR Counter-Surveillance Device



    * Ideal counter surveillance device to trace and position wireless camera.

    * Fully automatic scanning and recording video and snapshot

    * Instant recording button to switch on video and picture taking Instant playback button to review captured video and snapshot

    * External camera input connection to act as portable DVR

  • OTP-AST02 Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Finder


    PRO Hidden Spy Camera Detector
    Mini Portable Pocket Sized
    lightweight battery powered
    One press easy working
    Battery-Operated and Portable
    Ultra-bright Powerful IR LED lights

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