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New products



2020/6 New Released :


OTP-SP42A World first 4G GSM listening device, voice activated voice call back alarm device.




2020/5 New Released :


2020~Super Mini revolution~~~~Smallest size in the world: 38mm*38mm*26mm,




2019.11.1.New released camera detector:



2019.10.5. Micrphone audio recorder 



OTP-GL800W 1080P High Tech WiFi Glasses Video Camera




OTP-4G-VORB 4G multi Voice recorder



OTP-MIB-M4G 3G 4G WIFI Full HD Camera module-SPY Camera


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  • OTP-SIB-M4G Mini 3G 4G WIFI 2MP/5MP Camera module-SPY Camera

    New products

     2020~Super Mini evolution~~~~

    Easy to modify in device you want to monitor, such as the infant room at home. When you are in the office, would like to see the baby at home what they are doing, Just easily open mobile phone APP download from APP store 
    You can used WIFI network or 4G network, no distance limited with the Global network . 
    View and record what you see, and device also support motion recording in Micro SD card, set Motion alarm sending to email or Phone alert.


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