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How to do ODM service according to your request:
Procedure reference


Based on clients’ ideas, our company will draw out a proposal for clients’ approval.

(2)Demo Board
Our company will base on the basic functions confirmed by both sides to finish the Demo Board

which can realise the core functions for clients’ evaluation.

(3)Industrial Design
This process contains task analysis, conceptual design, aesthetics and styling, adobe illustrator

photoshop renderings, rhino 3D modeling and rendering, 3D studio max photoreal rendering.

--- Confidential agreement agreed and designing charges for first stage.
(4)User Interface Design
According to clients’ requirements and current popular operation mode, our company could

design the user interface of different styles for clients.

(5)Product Cost Analysis and Confirmation
Our company will provide the product’s cost analysis report to the clients for confirmation.

(6)Visual Prototypes’ Approval
According to the industrial visual design drawing confirmed by both sides, our company will

provide the visual prototypes to the clients in the method of rapid prototyping.

(7)Functional Prototypes’Approval
Our company could provide the full functional emulational prototypes for the clients to shoot for

P/O by using the CNC process center.

(8)Product Qualification Work
Our company could complete the products’ qualification work for the clients before the products

come into the market. At present, the products and solutions provided by our company could

pass all of the following certifications: FCC, R&TTE, EMC, ETL, E-MARK, ROHS, ASTM etc.

(9)Mold Design and Tooling
Our company will design the mold and modify the mold accordingly.

Pay for mold opening charges. & order confirm.
(10)Package Design and Transportation Evaluation
Our company could provide the package design and evaluate the shipping methods.

(11)Production Sample Making and Confirmation
Before the mass production, we will provide the golden sample for clients’ approval.